Our Service Areas
Prompt Notarial Services are high demand as the need for reliable documentation remains at a premium in our commercial and transactional society.


Private Clients & Notarial Services
Our in-house Notaries-Public, whose seals remain the uncontroversial mark of integrity and trustworthiness, are able to deliver highly credible results that have been trusted over time.

We notarise and authenticate legal documents and instruments whether they are business and transactional or sensitive and personal.


We also understand how stressful and difficult succession planning can be and we are committed to making it less daunting by bringing the utmost of our legal expertise to bear on each Client’s sensitive and highly personalised needs - be it setting up trusts, making wills and or bequeathing gifts.


We Offer You Expert Legal Services On:

  • Authentication of documents, Agreements and legal Instruments;
  • Depositions and other Notary Public services;
  • Family/Private Investments
  • Transactions involving residential Real Estate and Art 
  • Family Charities and charitable giving
  • Wills
  • Administration of Trusts and Estates 
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