Our Service Areas
At Matrix-Solicitors we offer prompt, pragmatic and well thought solutions to challenges in this sector with deep industry knowledge, we provide you with quality, world class advisory and representative services.


We deal with all the different stakeholders in the Maritime industry including shipbuilders, owners, charterers, financiers, port authorities and government on wet and dry shipping, admiralty and finance matters.

Our Lawyers deal with the full range of legal issues arising from the Sector. We advise our Clients and enable them benefit from ample opportunities that are present in the Maritime industry.


We give expert counsel in all areas of International Trade and Commerce including Finance and Insurance as well as Regulatory and Environmental issues. Our ability to respond speedily with concise and effective advice makes us the preferred option amongst our Clients.


We Offer You Expert Legal Advice On:

  • Vessel financing and registration
  • Shipping
  • International trade and commodities
  • Maritime Litigation 
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