Our Service Areas
At the heart of our services are manufacturing and commercial transactions as core areas of our expertise and we have a team of versatile professionals who have gained deep experience in consumer rights, its protection, wholesale and retail goods.


Manufacturing & Commerce
At Matrix, we are committed to understanding and simplifying the inner workings of every industry our Clients operate in thereby equipping us with the requisite knowledge of the legal framework which enables us solve whatever legal problems that may arise.

In addition to representing and counselling our Clients in the manufacturing industry, we represent and advice consumers who have customer complaints and disputes about a myriad of issues including defective products, unsatisfactory services and misleading adverts.


Our unique understanding and knowledge of the Manufacturing sector and Consumer Rights makes us objective and thus, better able to see both sides of the coin - to the advantage of our Clients.


We Offer You Expert Legal Advice On:

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Product Liability
  • Import & Export
  • Licensing & other Agreements  

Key Contacts

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