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With the Firm’s collective IP experience spanning over many years, we have a pioneering albeit rock-solid practise in IP Law. We have stayed at the forefront of the industry by implementing innovative strategies in the solution of complex problems in a booming market of talents, rights and trademarks.


Intellectual Property
Our Practise is dedicated to ensuring that our Clients enjoy the protection of the Law on the value invested in the development of products, brands, devices and new technology. We advise on both contentious and non-contentious Intellectual Property related matters and internet issues.

Our Nigerian and international Clients operate in different spheres of the innovative sector, straddling IT, Film and Music, and the Entertainment Industry. We have helped them manage risks, protect and strengthen their brands, resulting in an enduringly loyal Clientele.



We Offer You Expert Legal Advice On:

  • Intellectual Property - Trademarks, Copyright, Design and Patent rights
  • Brand Protection
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Privacy and Data Protection 

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