Our Service Areas

As a result of the gap in infrastructural funding, the Government has continuously resorted to seeking the assistance of private investors to collaborate with it on various projects through Public and Private Partnership.


Government & Policy Advisory

At Matrix-Solicitors LLP, we have used this initiative as a springboard, becoming adept in offering advice to both Government and Private Investors on the complexities involved in such partnerships as well as all other transactions with the government.

Our lawyers have worked successfully within the system, building a well-known reputation for integrity whilst representing the best interests of our Clients and achieving their goals..


We understand the political process and have an in-depth knowledge of how governments and their agencies work. Thus, we are able to advise and represent our Clients involved in public procurement at all government levels, working with them to develop proposals that are in line with government requirements whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of the general public and other stake-holders.



We offer you expert legal advice on:

  • Government & Public Policy
  • Sector Regulation & Enforcement
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Government Contract Advisory
  • Legislative Drafting
  • Foreign Missions Advisory
  • Charities, Trusts & NGOs 
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