Our Service Areas

With the continuous efforts by the government to encourage the growth of agriculture through various assistance programmes and other incentives, it is apparent that the Agricultural sector has tremendous potential and an increasing amount of business opportunities for the savvy investor.


Agribusiness & Healthcare

The role of the skilled Lawyers in our Agribusiness practise ranges from consultation to assisting our Clients in navigating the intricacies involved in the sector from the procurement of governmental assistance to setting up the structure and day to day running of the business.

We also work with Clients across diverse areas of the Healthcare industry. Our areas of expertise include Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology as well as Health Services and Medical Devices. Our Firm is dedicated to assisting Clients in the industry address whatever legal issues that may arise in the course of their business.


Abreast with the latest innovations in biotechnology, we are also able to provide legal services in agriculture such as food sustainability and consumer protection strategies. Our health services extend to hospitals, nursing homes and other health institutions worldwide.

We Offer You Expert Legal Advice On:

  • Agriculture & Food Sustainability
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Healthcare
  • Health & Safety
  • Medical Devices 
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