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Investors from all over the world play a crucial role in the on-going development of a strong Nigerian economy and opportunities abound to accommodate investors from all over the world.


Matrix-Solicitors have established a reputation of being able to provide the best quality, country-specific and thought through solutions to our Clients from all over the world.


No matter what part of the world you may be from, we, at Matrix-Solicitors, are your expert legal Partners, providing valuable insight, specialist advice as well as a vast repository of all the resources your business needs to succeed


The Nigerian market is truly diverse, with many distinct reasons for being immensely attractive to most investors.

Nigeria is not only open to international trade and investments but actively seeking it out.

With the aid of specially designed policies and incentives by the government, sectors like Telecommunications, Agribusiness and Power have experienced major boosts from the influx of local and foreign investments that have occurred as a result.

Nigeria is also rapidly expanding its infrastructural, technological and manufacturing capabilities as shown by its fledgling automotive industry, which is well on its way to becoming one of the largest in the African region thus fulfilling it potential for the most lucrative trade centres in the continent.

With investors from different countries, taking their piece of the economic pie, the business landscape is becoming more noticeably multi-national, having several people and companies from diverse legal jurisdictions.

One fundamental factor that determines how business is conducted in any country is the legal regime in operation in that jurisdiction.

Foreign nationals who wish to invest in Nigeria must seek business intelligence services to ensure that they are dealing with the right people and getting involved in the right business deals/ventures.

As an amateur in the Nigerian legal regime every non-Nigerian must get quality legal and financial advice as to make certain that their investments are secure and that they are on the right side of the law at all times.

Matrix-Solicitors has been able to establish a reputation as a law firm that gives quality, country-specific and properly thought through advice to clients from all over the world.

We have successfully synergised the demands of the legal regimes of the home countries of parent companies with the demands of the legal regime in Nigeria, to create smooth running business machineries for our Clients.

As the Nigerian economy grows and expands to accommodate businesses and investments from all over the world, we continue to expand our portfolio to ensure that every need of any foreign business on Nigerian soil is anticipated and met at the right time.

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