Global Reach

Investors from all over the world play a crucial role in the on-going development of a strong Nigerian economy and opportunities abound to accommodate investors from all over the world.


Matrix-Solicitors have established a reputation of being able to provide the best quality, country-specific and thought through solutions to our Clients from all over the world.


No matter what part of the world you may be from, we, at Matrix-Solicitors, are your expert legal Partners, providing valuable insight, specialist advice as well as a vast repository of all the resources your business needs to succeed


A continent rich in natural resources and advanced in the Renewable Energy sector, South America consists of a number of developing economies, some with economies remarkably similar to that of Nigeria.

The Continent’s ability to harness and utilise its vast natural resources to the advantage of its diverse people and take giant strides in advancing in its use of renewable energy, has given it a place of pride on the world’s stage for its generation of clean energy.

Nigeria, as a nation, and Matrix-Solicitors, as one of its foremost law firms, have worked with and are excited to work with savvy investors from the various nations in South America, who have the knowledge and foresight to look to the future and explore ways to build, develop and sustain new commercial ventures in today’s fast changing economy.

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