Global Reach

Investors from all over the world play a crucial role in the on-going development of a strong Nigerian economy and opportunities abound to accommodate investors from all over the world.


Matrix-Solicitors have established a reputation of being able to provide the best quality, country-specific and thought through solutions to our Clients from all over the world.


No matter what part of the world you may be from, we, at Matrix-Solicitors, are your expert legal Partners, providing valuable insight, specialist advice as well as a vast repository of all the resources your business needs to succeed



Although Africa is comprised mainly of emerging economies, the potential and avenues for successful investments are legion.

Many African companies and businesses, eager to invest in and utilise their resources themselves for the benefit of the continent and the world as a whole, are expanding their company and investing in other African countries and with a booming economy and vast opportunities, Nigeria remains one of the attractive possibilities.


These opportunities are abound in various industries not limited to Telecoms, Energy, Construction, Power, Banking and Finance, Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Mineral Extraction, Transportation and many other economic sectors.


Being a top law firm based in Africa, Matrix-Solicitors, has home-court advantage when it comes to dealing with businesses from all over the African continent.

With our knowledge of the intricacies of doing business in Nigeria, our Clients can be assured of the best legal advice as well as those extra touches that are especailly appreciated in the region.


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