Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to ensuring that we make our nation and our world a better place to live in, to work in and safe-guarding the future for the next generation. We believe in investing in our environment, our staff and in the people around us.


Our philosophy of giving back and our vision of a better world drives us to protect the environment, ensure that our staff is well taken care of at all times and especially in the event of a crisis and the people around us are sufficiently supported to the best of our abilities.


Our core areas of focus for doing this are:

  • Pro Bono Work
  • Charitable giving and
  • Continuous Legal Education.


1. Pro Bono Work


A pro bono Client of Matrix-Solicitors is a Client and no less. We owe all our Clients the same duty of care and excellence in order to attain the best possible results in what matter we represent them in.


We are fully aware that ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’ and that some in our community are unable to bear the occasionally steep financial cost of the judicial process, the Firm is dedicated to providing access to justice to as many disadvantaged persons as possible.


We have a strong professional and moral duty to use our legal expertise for public good and, as such, have taken on cases deserted due to the inability of the persons involved to furnish their fees and routinely undertake appeals on behalf of ‘persons without means’ or those incarcerated for long periods while awaiting trial.

2. Charitable Giving

We make it our duty to support the less fortunate in our society as well as charitable organisations involved in meeting with the needs of those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community. Some of the worthy causes we throw our weight behind are those that protect children, provide education and support those in poverty stricken areas of the community.

3. Continuous Legal Education

At the heart of the firm is the desire to nurture, develop and support a generation of excellent thinkers and professional legal minds. The Firm works in partnership with legal educational institutions to enhance the quality of lawyers who are released into the legal world - from Law Schools and afterwards.


Not only have we created free summer internship programmes for undergraduates in law faculties across the country, who wish to broaden the scope of their legal know-how, our lawyers regularly participate in the teaching of advanced legal courses in the appropriate institutions of higher learning.

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